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Resolved! STM32H743ZI SPI Fault/Freeze when reset

Hello Everybody,I am using the STM32H743ZI chip with STM32CubeIde. I have been having success with my code running in debug mode with the debugger attached. however when I power off the board and start it up there is a problem when the program start ...

TCash.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Maximun speed of interruptions on STM32F429

Dear all,I need geneate an interruption about 5Mhz to access to an external device using FMC. I am trying to use a Timer to generate that interrupt but I do not get the results I expect. On STM32F429 and STM32CubeIDE, I config timer 10 with the foll...

Resolved! Diode D20 purpose?

D20 separates Field GND from PGND. Why?Is it recommended for the CLT-01 or the VNI8200XP or both?What is the probable drawback of connecting the 2 nets without this diode protection? 


STM32_adafriut_sd version detection problem

Hi .Below code has two part :1- when there is response to CMD8 2- when there is notAnd by this response we can determine if it is V1 or V2 but , when it will go for Initializing V2 after sending first ACMD41 then there is an "if" clause ,which will c...

M N by Associate II
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