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Hi, I have the board and not received any confirmation

 Hi, I have the board and not received any confirmation (teams invitation) or confirmation, just the initial email. I have emailed from the company email account but have gotten no response. I tried to book again however your sys...

Ahmed by Associate III
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Resolved! How accurate is ST VREFINT Calibration?

I am using STM32F030F4P6. VREFINT is supposed to be calibrated at 3.3v +/- 10mV and 30 degrees C. In my application the VREFINT calibration value is 1543 meaning the reference voltage is 1.243V (3.3/4096*1543) this is on the high end of the spectru...

mp035 by Associate II
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Why Usart2 data not recognised over FTDI transmition

Hello,I am trying to use USART2 TX-PA2 RX-PA3 with 115200 baudrate no parity as shown in the cubeMx settings.'u' in binary is 01110101's' in binary is 01110011I have generated the code bellow. and i got a photo of the scope signal as shown bellow....

0693W000007ZtZxQAK.jpg 0693W000007ZtiGQAS.jpg 0693W000007Zu1mQAC.jpg
Nbkjh.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Syntax of startup_stm32g030xx.s

Good afternoon,Maybe is an obvious question.I'm studying the default startup_stm32g030xx.s, a part of the syntax is figured out in the program manual of MCU and another part in the GNU AS command page.But, for example, those following commands: .synt...

RCave.1 by Associate
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