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Resolved! STM32H7 , how to set the "analog switch" for _C pins

Dear experts,I'm using Cube to assign pins for my stuff (yep...) and it offers some pins with _C sufix (PC2_C, PC3_C).From the RM0433 fig.75 I gather this is something with the "analog switch" and in order to use these _C pins as AF for some device (...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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STM32L010 and NXP NT3H2211 (I2C question)

Greetings everyone, I am trying to communicate with NT3H2211.My specific problem is marked red on the picture (everything else I manage to successfully send/receive). When reading data NT3H2211 wants to get " 7 bits SA and '1' " and then it will send...

JZida.1 by Associate II
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How to select PSRAM compatible with STM32F407 FSMC ?

Hi,There are two points I want to understand them.first one:-I want to use PSRAM with STM32F407 FSMC when I used STM32cubeMX it support Muxed PSRAM only although, STM32F407 reference manual says that it support Multiplexed or nonmultiplexed PSRAM (...

MHass.2 by Associate III
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QSPI sends wrong instruction

Dear Readers,i try to connect to a LY68L6400 via Quad SPI. I manage without Problems to read the ID of the Chip, which i think means the communication is Working. When i try to write data (by Sending 0x38 as instruction) The instruction is changed to...