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Resolved! STM32H745 SPI Cores communicating

Hi!I'm using STM32H745 dual core. The reason behind it is as I have to do very fast measurement on one core (M7) and the rest of the slower things on the M4. The M4 is mostly used for communicating with the external world. I have setup SPI3 and SPI4....

__silardg by Associate III
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Resolved! B-CAMS-OMV Camera Module

 Is my camera module working fine (all 3 LEDs light up)? What is camera continuous mode? Anyone have any information regarding this? I am working with the model zoo image classification project, and facing issue, after troubleshooting by blinking LED...

chew_0-1707052216266.jpeg chew_1-1707052319525.png
chew by Associate III
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ADC multimode DMA init error

I am using ADC regular simultaneous mode with stm32f427It works nice with the pulse signal is comming after dma start(HAL_ADCEx_MultiModeStart_DMA)but if the signal is comming before calling ADC dma start code it going to infinityhow to solve this?i ...

SKim.1761 by Associate III
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STM32H7 TIM12 TRGO DAC DMA syncronization

Hello,I am trying to generate a pulse-triggered waveform continuously by using DAC and DMA in STM32H735RGV6. To do this, I have opened DAC OUT1 with the following configuration.After that, I set up the TIM12 with the following configuration and expec...


Resolved! Stm32f410RBT6

Hello, we are a manufacturer company that uses STM products. We developed a device using stm32f410 and stm32f446 products 2 years ago. We have a few processors from this old series, stm32f410 and stm32f446, and they work without any problems. However...

TIM1 counting pulse from input signal help

Hello, I currently have a test bench project to carry out, so it's a drive motor that turns another motor, which generates an FCEM signal on my 3 phases, but the duration of the signal depends on the speed at which I'm turning, so I'd like to use tim...


TSL library stateIDs

Hello everybody,I am trying to work with STM32F042G6 with TSL library but have some issues I hope that I made some minor mistake but I think I tried everíthing.I can't get stable detection when touching.I tried to copy a sample project but it was jus...