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When using DMA to realize a SAI transmit (double buffer, rearmed in HAL_SAI_TxCpltCallback), I found some very strange behavior.In some configurations, a FIFO error interrupt (FEIF, ref. manual p. 235) happens after a few seconds. The time until this...

STM32 Nucleo-F413ZH: Proper way to start a second PWM (delayed and internal trigger start [both trigger or gated] slaved mode) , on another timer.

General objective: Generate 2 PWM's on Timer 3 and Timer 4 respectively at 50% duty cycle, both with period of 2 seconds and phase shift of 1second between them (Timer4 will start 1 sec later).Because I want it to be precise, I am not considering usi...

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EToh.1 by Associate II
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double type calculation

Hello.At the next double type calculation,double a = 0.7; char b = 12; double c;   c = a * b;c is saved to 8.39999 in the register But 0.7*12 is 8.4How can I save 8.4 to the 'c' register?Thanks.

Kim.Andy by Associate III
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Resolved! My STM32L051K8T6 gets stuck in an infinite loop in HAL_Delay(1000); but I know its a hardware problem, not a software problem. Where should I focus my hardware debugging on?

I have used this same chip on a previous project and managed to toggle an LED on and off using HAL_Delay(1000); function. I copied the same code across to my new project board, uploaded it successfully, toggled the LED on successfully but when I step...

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ARyan.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32f4 external interrupt problem

Hello,I'm using an stm32f411ce with an lsm6ds3 IMU and I want to trigger a read from the IMU with an EXTI. I've set it all in the code below and activated the interrupt on the IMU. the interrupt is set in PR register but handler is never called.Thank...

EPora.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! RTC Alarm Register Corruption

We have been using an STM32L476 in a product that schedules periodic wake times. Recently we have discovered a bug where the unit will go to sleep and never wake back up. What we have noticed is after generating another interrupt to wake the unit up ...

STM32L431RCT reads out Zero Value from ADC after EMC/ESD Testing. After a manually disable and enabling adc cycle everything is fine again.

Do you have any ideas what's going on with STM32L431RCT. After ESD Testing ADC of STM32L431RCT reads back 0 Values at all Input Channels. A manually disable and enabling cycle in debugging mode helps. ADC is reading values then correct again.We also ...

MGehr.3 by Associate II
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