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STM32F439 GPIO Initialization state

If we initialize the GPIO pin as Mode output pp, pull up and speed_fast using HAL_GPIO_Init()​ API then what will be the state of the GPIO pin when pin status is not set using HAL_GPIO_WritePin()

PV C by Associate II
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Resolved! openOCD not halting my chip (srst not working?)

I am trying to flash code in my stm32 via SWD interface with a raspberryPi.(swd is bitbanged no stlink used)With my raspberryPi Zero i followed this tutorial, wired the raspy with my stm32f105 together.My openocd.cfg file looks like:source [find inte...

Javier1 by Principal
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Hi, I have issues while using "FATFS R0.12c" over SDIO on my STM32F407. I do SDIO write to file on main loop, but I also have "TIM2/TIM3/CAN1 RX0/CAN1 RX1" interrupts which has other logic (for example TIM2 sends UART message every 100ms to update th...

JBond.1 by Senior
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Hi. I have been using STM32F1xx for many years. I have a new design that uses two uarts and the ADC peripheral - all using DMA. My question is: is it possible to overload the bus arbiter when there are too many dma transactions going on at the same time?

When both UARTS are transmitting & receiving, my ADC conversions (via DMA) sometimes do not complete. If I double clock speed (which I do not want to do in the product), the problem goes away. I cannot see any issues in my code that would cause this....

Resolved! STRM32F303 EXTI9_5 and EXTI15_10 external interrupt triggered either on falling or rising edge although programmed to be triggered only on rising edge, how to fix this?

Hello,So we are building a ball shooting robot which self detects the speed the ball was launched. The average speed is in range of 80mph. To get speed we are using two light gates, one on PF9 and one on PF10. So I set up EXTI interrupts on these two...

kuchx by Associate II
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Resolved! Interrupt priority in STM32F1

Hello,My question is that how many interrupts could be in pending state in STM32F1 MCUs? What would happen when a interrupt is running and in the same time another interrupt with same preempt priority be fired, does the running interrupt finishes and...

RezaMRBM by Associate II
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Reading of ADC jumps randomly by about -20 counts

I am currently using an STM32L475VCT in my board design, and I also have an STM32L476G-EVAL board.I have ADC1 set up for sampling 6 channels continuously. Each conversion is triggered by an output from timer 1, I am also using 4x oversampling. The ti...

AWies.1 by Associate III
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