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Resolved! How does an uninitialized local pointer work in STM32?

I have the following bug in my project and cannot figure out why.In one function I was using an uninitialized pointer variable to receive data from another function. For some reason it works which I think shouldn't. The code is like this:funcA{ m...

zzzzz by Senior
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Resolved! LED Example program for initial steps with eval board

I hate being stupid, but I'm trying to get a nucelo-stm32LR76RG eval board working. I have the cubeide and cubemx software installed. I also have the associated example programs loaded. The board comes shipped with a program that makes the led blink ...

Why does the advanced timer PWM CH1 output affect CH2N?

This is my simulation output waveform.They are CH1, CH1N, CH2, CH2N, CH3, CH3NIt can be seen that CH1, CH2, and CH3 are all normal, but the complementary waveforms will be affected by other channels.How can I configure it?I want to use multi-channel ...

0693W00000FCbMNQA1.png 0693W00000FCbIzQAL.png 0693W00000FCbLUQA1.png 0693W00000FCbM8QAL.png
WFan.1 by Associate
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STM32F7508-DK UART Tx/Rx Stoppage

With my STM32F7508-DK board, I am interfacing to a BLE board over UART without hardware flow control. Due to pin conflicts, RTS/CTS is not available on that board. My primary issue is when BLE board sends 10K text buffers, STM32F7508-DK UART stops Tx...

EAlta.1 by Associate
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Hardware problem with NSS pin on SPI

I cannot to set NSS pin in push-pull mode. What is may be wrong?I use SPI1 on stm32F7 as a master only mode with SSOE config bit. My system use SPI clock speed 13,5 MHz. GPIOA#4 is used as NSS pin alternative function 5, push-pull output.This configu...

Natsu by Associate II
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How to use CD4094BE with 74HC595 shift registers

Hi Experts,I have a project like below. I am trying to send the data but the LEDS are not glowing in sending pattern.I am new to STM32F207 Nucleo board. Could anyone please let me know if I am missing anything.STM32f207 ======> CD4094(Q0) ==========>...

Bkris.2 by Associate II
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