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Resolved! USB CDC data loss

Hello,I am trying to transmit some data on my STM32F042F6P6. But my PC's serial monitor only picks up some of it. Here is the code and the serial monitor output:void readAllRegs(void){ uint8_t value; for (uint8_t addr = 0x00; addr <= 0x2E; addr++...

LLope.31 by Associate III
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How to Check HSE is Connected To STM32

Hi,I am using STM32F205 Board for our development. We were using HSI (16MHZ) as the clock and found out that HSI has issues with high temperatures. I am calibrating HSITRIM value to fix the clock drift issue and we already have 50 boards manufactured...

JThom.15 by Associate III
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Resolved! Write data in custom flash section

Hi,I'm working on stm32l496 and I try to write data to a custom flash section, in the .ld file I put new sector :/* Memories definition */MEMORY{[...]FLASH (rx) : ORIGIN = 0x08003800, LENGTH = 0x07B800config(rx) : ORIGIN = 0x0807F000, LENGTH = 2Kcomm...

K-C by Associate II
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USART HAL_UART_RxCpltCallback is not called.

Hello.  I am currently using USART6 by setting RX as interrupt, and TX as DMA in STM32F4.The ST board mostly worked well, however, after some hours (maybe 10 hour), the RX interrupt wasn't called. I suppose that this problem is not related to hardwar...

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Resolved! LPDMA Update Link Error

  static uint16_t aDST_Buffer_1[BUFFER_SIZE] = {0}; static uint16_t aDST_Buffer_2[BUFFER_SIZE] = {0}; LL_DMA_LinkNodeTypeDef pNode1, pNode2; /** * @brief LPDMA1 transfer configuration * @PAram None * @retval None */ void BspLPDMA1Init(void) { /*...

Resolved! What is USART CTS latency?

I am starting a product design tentatively using the STM32F072RBT6.I want to determine how soon the CTS input must go low to prevent the USART from transmitting the next byte.Even informed opinion would be appreciated; but a reference to documentatio...

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Resolved! STM32L433 VREFINT_CAL Value

Hello,I'm trying to work with the ADC of the STM32L433 microcontroller. The Reference manual (RM0394) on page 448 it says : The following formula gives the actual VDDA voltage supplying the device:VDDA = 3.0 V x VREFINT_CAL / VREFINT_DATAWhere can I ...

RStra by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32G473VC

Hello,I will use stm32g473VC ADC2 working together with DMA.I configure ADC2, Input3 at Pin PA6 and DMA2 Channel1 to read 100 Samples from ADC after Start.At first call after cpu reset I receive the expected result:ADC:Value 4034 for Items 0->99, as ...

jhoerd by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32 VCAP pin problem

 Hello,I have designed a PCB with 3 STM32H725VGT6 MCUs, and assembled them according to my schematic:(sorry for this resolution, this is from a converted pdf)All 3 MCUs are the same, from this schematic.R5 and R2 are just 0R jumpers to select the boo...

fing by Associate II
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