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Resolved! I just installed Atollic TrueStudio on a new PC. I am getting eclipse-related errors when I try to run the program. I have attached the log.

The first few lines of the log are below. full error log is attached!SESSION 2022-04-06 15:16:19.728 -----------------------------------------------eclipse.buildId=unknownjava.version=1.8.0_181java.vendor=Oracle CorporationBootLoader constants: OS=w...

Dkenn.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Lock Process or Priority (what is strongest)

Let's assume we have a software that uses FDCAN Classic and I2C with multiple slaves. FDCAN Priority = 1I2C Priority = 2During the transmission / Receiving process, the I2C is locked : __HAL_LOCK(hi2c);If an FDCAN interruption arrives during the I2C ...

MAmem.1 by Associate III
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Read and write SDRAM using Dual Core STM32H7

Hello, I have been working with STM32H7 microcontrollers for a while now but have always used the single core. Now I want to use the Dual core to read and write data in the external SDRAM. I have looked through all materials available online but c...

Aarra.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32L451RC are there Problems known for the BSDL File? I tried to do a Boundary Scan but it is not possible to set the Pins I want. I try to write 334 Bit but If I change the state ob a Pin from outside, I see that this Pin appears 120 Cells before.

That is what I send for exsample:SIR 9 TDI (0);SDR 334 TDI (49000000001249240a49249248000000000001249200000000000249249249008000000001249200) SMASK (3fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff) TDO (0) MASK (0...

MDebu.1 by Associate II
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Dear Community members, I am writing code from scratch to glow LED present in PC13 of STM32F103C(Blue pill) but the LED is not getting turned ON. Kindly help me with this. I am attaching the code below.

Code://LED//Pin:C//Pin Num:13#define PERIPH_BASE (0x40000000UL)#define APB2_OFFSET (0x00010000UL)#define APB2BASEADD (PERIPH_BASE + APB2_OFFSET)#define GPIOC_OFFSET (0x1000UL)#define GPIOC_BASE (APB2BASEADD+GPIOC_OFFSET)#define AHB_OFFSET (0x18000UL)...

SVemp.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Question about STM32L051x6 pin uses

On the STM32L051x6 datasheet it is written "PB9/12/13/14/15, PH0/1 and PC13 GPIOs should be configured as output and driven Low, even if they are not available onthis package" but in the "notes" space of the pin register descrpition there is no refer...

AFuli.1 by Associate II
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