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SW RESET while retaining particular GPIO state

Hello! I am currently working on the stm32h747 dual core microcontroller. i have a specific scenario where i must reset the system (i am using the "NVIC_SystemReset()" function for this purpose), however, i want to retain the state of several GPIOs (...

yuri CH by Senior
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STM32G0C1RETx in Boot mode.

Hi everyone,i am using stm32g0c1retx MCU for i2c communication in slave mode. in normal mode i am able to get the data and ACK on i2c line, even after changing the different slave addresses. i am using single address mode for communication. But, when...

Rohit007 by Associate II
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STM32F4 in hardfault caused by CAN

Hello everyone, I am using an STM32F405 for a communication over can. It is receiving the messages on CAN1 and CAN2. For drivers I use STM32_HAL. My initialization procedure goes the following way:Init clocksInit GPIOsInit CANInit CAN peripheralInit ...

Quo by Associate II
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STM32F407 - CAN2 and TIM7 problem

Hello,In my STM32F407G-DISCO based project I use CAN1 and CAN2 to communicate with two encoders. I read the position of the encoders every 4 ms. I use TIM6 to generate an interrupt every 4 ms. It all works beautifully - it sends the position of each ...

LukaszN by Associate
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STM32U575 SPI data size issue

Hi,I am using STM32U575VIT6Q in a BPSK receiver. The STM32U575 SPI1 is set to slave, receiver only. GPDMA channel 6 is linked to the SPI1 input and buffering input data to a data array. The SPI1 clock input (PA5) is connected to TIM1 channel 3 output...

hguan by Associate III
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STM32f446 Usb Dfu Bootloader Problem at High Temperature

Hello,Thank you in advance for your assistance.I have designed a circuit with STM32F446. I am using an external 25MHz crystal. The main application program runs fine without any issues, and USB communication works. However, on some boards, I am unabl...

mcu.jpg crystals.jpg
bymrz by Associate II
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