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Newbie Blue Pill Blink CubeIDE

Hi,Pretty new to STM32 but reasonably comfortable with ESP32, Pico and 40 years of C++. So old enough to expect it to be me.Cannot get blink to work with blue pill 32k using cube ide on ubuntu 23.04 with   while (1) { /* USER CODE END WHILE *...

bibble235 by Associate III
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BL4S5I-IOT01A issue

Hello there! I am using the B-L4S5I-IOT01A board. After setting up the AWS process, I have opened tera term to configure the device. After I configured the tera term once I press the reset button on the board, no information is being displayed on the...

DDutt.3 by Associate
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PC13/PC14/PC15 pins on the STM32F103CBT6 usage

Hello,I have a question related to the GPIOs PC13/PC14/PC15. Due to the fact that in my project I am running out of the other GPIO pins I have a question related to those pins above. I know that those pins have limitation to max 3mA sink current so d...

Resolved! HAL_FLASHEx_Erase no effect on STMF401RE

Hi. I am writing a bootlloader application that can erase, rewrite, and jump to a user application.As a starting point, I want to make sure I can erase the user application, but the erase seems to have no effect. My sector erase code is below.uint32_...

JBark.3 by Associate II
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Resolved! Nucleo-U575 & SIM7600G

Dear,Started with the FreeRTOS example I am trying to communicate over uart with a sim7600G. I have setup my usart2. I am able to send data but the returned value contains only the data sended and no response from the sim7600G. I have tried with an e...

T.Die by Associate
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Resolved! HRTIM repetition counter resets on stop/start but ADC Postscaler does not - is there a way to manually reset the postscaler?

Hi there!!I'm currently working on a high frequency GaN brushless motor control application using the HRTIM's complementary outputs (CHB1/2, CHE1/2, CHF1/2), with the timer in up-down counting mode, and ADC1/2/3/4 on the STM32G474RE for inline phase ...

SGree.2 by Associate II
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SBSFU Linker script issue on STM32F746

Hi,I've been trying to implement the SBSFU package on my STM32F746 but I got some issues.I started from the STM32F769I-Discovery example given in the SBSFU package supply by ST.I'm trying to modify the memory mapping to fit my device.When I'm debuggi...

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Resolved! HAL_I2C_Mem_Read disables interrupts

Hello all,I am working on a project which is based on stm32f103cbt7 mcu.In my project i have two freeRTOS task and 2 timer interrupts and 1 uart interrupt routine.Task 1:  handles wireless communication (it reads a buffer and if buffer has some valid...

sanju by Senior
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Wiring STM32C011J6 (SO8) MCU to STLINK-V3

I have an STLINK-V3 set, and I'd like to program an STM32C011J6 MCU.I'm not sure how to wire the programmer to that device, since I only have eight pins available, with VDD, GND, and RST leaves only five pins remaining, but I'm not sure how to wire t...

polemon by Associate II
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