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Resolved! stm32c011 in-application option byte programming

Good morning,I'm trying to program the user option bytes of the STM32C011 using the HAL. The objective of the test is to toggle the BOR bit.  static HAL_StatusTypeDef testOptionBytes() { FLASH_OBProgramInitTypeDef obInit = {0}; FLASH_OBProgra...

AndreasS by Associate
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Vrefint and Vts very noisy with SAI active on G4

We are using an STM32G491 with TDM audio output active on SAI. When activating the 4 MHz bit-clock on SAI1_SCK_A, Vref and temperature measurement become very noisy, while externally connected ADC inputs are not affected.See attached graph for differ...

STM32H5 high-cycle data read more than 16bit at once

Hi,I'm using STM32H563 and managed to set FLASH_EDATA1R_CUR as needed (EDATA1_EN="1", EDATA1_STRT="111"). Then I tried to read 64-Bit at once from Address 0x09000000. Unfortunately I get a hard fault. Is it intended to read more than 16 bit from the ...

STM32H743ZI adc + bdma no callbacks

Hello every body, It is my first post and I´m newvy with this tecnology. I'm trying to read from adc 1, 2 and 3 values from the DMA (in case of use adc 1 and 2) and the BDMA (case adc3). In the two first cases, the interrupts are generated correctly ...

Captura.PNG Captura1.PNG Captura2.PNG

STM32F105 64 pin bootloader

Hello I have been asked how difficult it will be to create a custom bootloader for the STM32F105.We are for some reason using the 64 pin version of the chip and from the AN2606 i can see """""Workaround• For 64-pin packagesNone. The bootloader cannot...

sklindt by Associate II
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STM32H725VGH6 / Direct SMPS Supply / VLXSMPS Connection

Hi,We are using the STM32H725VGH6 MCU and are plannign to use the internal SMPS for VCORE.With regards to the connections required for the VLXSMPS pin, I would just like to confirm that a 220pF capacitor is required on this pin in the "Direct SMPS Su...

Figure3.png Table2.png Figure2.png
SammExa by Associate
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stm32G474re adc performance

ADC analog bandwidth tests:--board nucleo-G474re, on-board voltage reference.--sampling rate 2.8 msps, free-run mode, 12-bits, --156 kHz & 19.47 MHz.  Approximately at 19 MHz ADC has ENOB < 6 bits, limiting factor seems to be aperture jitter about 12...

156.25kHz-3.jpg 19.47MHz-3.jpg adc test circuits.png
MasterT by Senior III
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HAL_I2C_IsDeviceReady() returning HAL_BUSY

Hi, I'm using an STM32F401RE board for a class(programming using MacOS). Right now, I'm using VSCode and make to edit and compile my code, then using stlink to flash it. Now, I'm trying to communicate with an MPU6050 using I2C; however, when I run HA...

AllanLiu by Associate II
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