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STM32L4 nucleo board programming problem

I have a STM32L476RG nucleo board.Recently when I tried to program it using keil I found some error messages and I was unable to program it.I found that LD3 LED is glowing .Initially when the board was programmable it was not glowing.I am attaching e...

0690X0000060OTCQA2.png 0690X0000060OT7QAM.png

Steps to have external SDRAM work properly!

I'm editing linker and startup files according to the example "FMC_SDRAM_DataMemory" but i con not access SDRAM. In example, it has only 2 regions as FLASH and RAM but we have 5 regions as FLASH, DTCMRAM, SRAM1, SRAM2 and MEMORY_B1. Also how can an i...

N ORhan by Associate III
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On STM32F4 discovery board we got accurate 7000 adc sampes but unable to read 7000 adc samples using stm32f030r8 using SPI. Please provide your inputs.

Hi,We are using ADS1292 to get the ADC samples and we had successfully read the 7000 sample with the help of imx6 processor, STM32F4 controller.But now our project requirement changed and we have to use the STM32F030R8 controller with same ads1292 bo...

Bhushan by Associate II
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Can't reset I2C in STM32F407 to release I2C lines

Posted on January 12, 2017 at 08:18I am using an STM32F407 on a customer board and have trouble with the I2C handling.I am using the latest HAL HAL_I2C_MasterTransmitIT and HAL_I2C_MasterReceiveIT to poll data from a sensor.The problem is that after...