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STM32F030F4P6 EMI problems?

Hi,I designed a board with a STM32F030F4P6 on it. The board is about 68x48 mm and contains the microcotroller a AC/DC supply and a nRF24L01 RF-Module. supplied directly with about 5V from an external supply the circuit works as it should. But when I ...

Entering the Stop modes

Hello,I am using STM32L476 and I was just wondering how do I enter in various stop mode (modes 0, 1 and 2) please?Thanks,ALi.

mmsya by Associate II
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unknown memory region

I used mac and st-flash v1.5.1 to download .bin file to B-L475E-IOT01A1, but I got "unknown memory region", could anyone help me to solve this? Thanks

wxie by Associate II
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Which MCUs support 32.768MHz in SAI slave mode?

I have been trying to get the AD7768-4 to work with an L431.I (belately) realized that the maximum SAI slave clock speed in the L4 is 25MHz. It appears that the APB1 clock speed is the limiting factor. I could potentially achieve 192ksps by replacing...


Resolved! STM32G070KB PA8 and PA9 interaction

Hello,We have run into a weird behaviour with the STM32G070KB. With PA8 defined as an input with internal pullup and PA9 as output push-pull. When PA9 is at low level and PA8 unconnected, PA8 is at VCC (3.3V) as expected.When PA9 is at high level, PA...

Trilys by Associate II
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How to disable UART temporarily?

Hi,i send data to STM32F4 from STM32F0. then i send these values to thingspeak using ESP8266. but it works onle once. after i send values to thingspeak using ESP8266 it returns endless trash values via UART2. and i can send data from F0 to F4. so i h...