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STM32H7 and SPI interface

I'm working with the STM32H7 MCU and I have three memories (1 flash, and 2 fram) connected to SDPI1 interface. According to flash datasheet, max SPI clock can be up to 80MHz. Nevertheless, when having the SPI SCK set at 7.5MHz (SPI peripheral clock i...

Problem with STM32g070 ADC

Hi,I got a problem with STM32G070RBTx ADC configuration. I configured ADC in interrupt mode. After each conversion I change channel to measure different pin. I got 9 pins to measure(PA0 - PA7 and PB12). With PINS on PORTA I got no problem but PB12 is...

Olek1 by Associate II
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STM Studio in snapshot mode for STM32CUBEIde

Hi,I am trying to use the STM Studio in snapshot mode but I got some errors.1) Core/Src/acqTrigger.c:310:16: error: '_FAR_DATA_' undeclared 2) Core/Src/dataAcq.c:228:17: error: 'g_dataTraceBuffer' undeclared And other...There is any explanation of ho...

DKuro.1 by Associate III
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STM32G030J6 Reset in loop

Hi, I have a STM32G030J6 with a trimpot connected to PA0 (NRST), but I need to disable NRST function. Based on pdf (UM2568) I write this:<code>uint32_t nrstmode; /* Enable Flash access anyway */ __HAL_RCC_FLASH_CLK_ENABLE(); /* Unlock flash */ FLASH-...

MCost.1 by Associate
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ADC external trigger input

Hi I'm developing an application which I tested on the nucleo board and I want to make my custom board. I went through the datasheet of STM32Go71kb(32 pin version) and I could not find the ADC external trigger input pin. Additonally I cannot provide ...

BDasa.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! problem when changing from DTCM Ram to RAM_D1

Hello, I am writing a project with STM32H7. The project contains RTC, SPI, USART, SD Card, timers, and I2C. In order to have more RAM, I have brough the data and bss to RAM_D1. As next steps I want to implement Ethernet. However, I realized that in o...

VYoun by Associate III
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STM32L011F3 ADC Calibration

Hi Sir,In STM32L0 ADC, there is a feature call ADC calibration.I would like to know, after performing ADC calibration, do I have to do factoring using the CALFACT (calibration factor obtained after running ADC calibration) in the result I obtained fr...