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Resolved! STM32L152 - random EEPROM deletion at low voltage?

Dear,we use EEPROM in our project with STM32L152. It seems like in some MCUs is erased random part of the Eeprom. It happens very rarely, and probably most likely when VCC is disconnected from PCB (MCU). Any solution, any similar experience?Best rega...

JJRR by Associate III
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Resolved! MCU hung after staying idle for hours

In our system with SMT32G041F6P6 powered by a battery, device gets to hung state when kept idle for few hours or days (randomly). We have already implemented a window  watchdog to detect any faults. Even with watchdog enabled, we are getting this han...

Zephyr B_U585I_IOT02A BLE examples timeout and crash

I'm trying to run a few of Zephyr's BLE examples on the B_U585I_IOT02A development board.   I have tried the beacon, peripheral, and peripheral_csc examples.   These BLE examples all work properly on a Nordic nRF52840 dev board.Zephyr's blinky exampl...

STM32F407VET6 DEMCR base address

Good morning,I'm trying to develop a simple Hello World printf example by writting "Hello World" into the port0 of ITM. There are several tutorials telling that 0xE000EDFCU is the base address to set the bit TRCENA to 1. However, when I try to debug ...

Gonzalo by Associate
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Resolved! hash registers not defined in stm32h723xx.h

I am trying to use the cryptographic hash processor on the STM32h723xx, however, I cannot find the registers like HASH_CR defined in the device header files.Can someone please advise If I should be using the register definition from another MCU devic...

DEska.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! USB Device using PA9

I want to use STM32F407V in USB device MSC mode. The device has battery to run the MCU. To fetch data from device, it will be connected to LAPTOP by USB cable.Please confirm below configuration for schematic1) Connect PA9 to VBUS on USB connector,  p...

Nico3 by Senior
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