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I am using TIM+DMA, and the main problem is that the first value should be loaded into ARR before the timer starts, but it is not. Also, regarding length, if it should be set in bytes, it should be clearly documented in a comment for that function, w...
I can not find any example for Usart Multiprocessor, It does not work.I config on CubeMx and HAL_MultiProcessor_EnableMuteMode(&huart1);HAL_MultiProcessor_EnterMuteMode(&huart1);put this 2  lines.
Hello. i have installed my pack but it wasn't on the left side. (I-CUBE-RBUF)But other packs added before. when i installed from local disk. it works.
I can not open my project after update cubeMX to latest version. 
Hello, Please add an empty function on HAL for other MCU's what doesn't have that functions.For example HAL_ICHACHE_Enable() for F1 series. This feature can help to easy porting to other series of MCUs.Thanks.
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