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STM32CubeMX 6.11.0 released

We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeMX V6.11.0 is available. What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.11.0? New MCUs series : STM32U0 (STM32U083xx/73xx/31xx), STM32H7RS (STM32H7R7xx/H7R3xx/H7S3xx/H7S7xx) and STM32H5 (STM32H533/H...

Resolved! stmelectronics.xcube-azrtos-h5 not found in STMCubemx

Hello ,We are devloping application using NUCLEO-H503 , try to install USBX as CDC-ACM port and transfer data to host device ,1. Try to install Driver for USBX , but not found stmelectronics.xcube-azrtos-h5  How to use NUCLE-H503 USB in Device mode o...

pooja by Associate II
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Resolved! Configure location of STM32CubeMX generated code

This seems like an easy one, but I've searched high and low.  Both STM32CubeMX (v6.9.2)  and STM32CubeIDE (v1.13.2) place generated code in a root folder named Core.  Is there a way to configure file placement into folders of my choice?

BillyBob by Associate II
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CDC_Transmit_FS function always returns USBD_BUSY

I am now trying to implement CDC-VCP connection between a PC and a STM32 board. Just my goal is a STM32 echo server.​I have done like this: ​STM32 Cube MX : USB FS endableUSB Device : CDC Enable, rx/tx buffer size as 128<-1000Clock config : USB 48MHz...

SSON.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32CUBEMX 不自动生成代码问题

第一次在论坛中请教问题,如果有不对的地方,请及时通知修改,感谢 我在使用STM32H750XBH6 ,在使用STM32CUBEMX 自动生成代码时出现了问题,DMA的初始化代码没有自动生成,在不停地测试中发现,DMA Request 选择 dma_generator0-dma_generator7、MEM2MEM , 可以生成代码,选择定时比较捕获输出通道作为请求源没有自动生成代码(例如 tim4_ch1\ch2 ,tim3_ch3\ch4),cubemx版本号6.92,希望可以得到一些解决的建...

mingmieg by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H5: PWM generation with DMA (classic approach)

Hello,Finally I managed to produce a three-phase PWM in classic DMA mode with the pure HAL-Lib. (Hardware: NUCLEO-H563ZI) However, within the cube produced routine, file: tim.c:void HAL_TIM_PWM_MspInit(TIM_HandleTypeDef* tim_pwmHandle) This wrong cal...

AGerth by Associate
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Problems when migrating from 6.0.0 to 6.9.2 FreeRTOS LWIP

Hello!When I took a project on version 6.0.0 and compiled it - it works stable. After CubeIDE offered to migrate to a fresh version 6.9.2 and I agreed, I set my Driver_PHY. After that the project builds, but not working.My source data:Nucleo-F767Zhtt...

ruuch by Associate
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