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STM32CubeMX 6.12.0 released

We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeMX V6.12.0 is available. What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.12.0?New MCUs/MPUs series : STM32WB0 ,STM32MP25XX and STM32C071XXAdd support new CPNs STM32G4: Add support STM32G4 'Z’ and STM...

STM32CubeMX Makefile/CMake generation failure STM32U5*

Hi,I am trying to generate a project using STM32CubeMX v6.11.1 Linux using the NUCLEO-U5A5ZJ-Q project template.I am happy to use either a Makefile or a CMake based build, but unfortunately both have issues. If I select a Makefile build, and click Ge...


How to configure SD CARD via STM32CubeIDE

Hello,I would like to know how to configure the SD card of an STM32L552E-VE evaluation board, I have an example with this evaluation card 'FatFs_uSD_Standalone' but It's not easy for me to understand how to configure the 'SDMMC' with this board since...

DYann.1 by Senior
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UART DMA transmit works only one time

Hello,I got a problem with HAL library 10.4 for STM32L152RE in UART DMA transmission, the data is transmited only one time using the function HAL_UART_Transmit_DMA(&huart3,t_Buffer ,11) using uart3,  after that the UART3 structure keep the "flag" hua...

Howto use BSP/lsm6dsv16x

I have a custom board with LSM6DSV16XTR connected to SPI2. The configuration was created by CubeMX 6.11.1 and now used in CubeIDE 1.15.1 Now, I am wondering how to use the functions in lsm6dsv16x.c ? Do I have to initialize an object of type LSM6DSV1...

FB1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32L432KC VREFBUF

Why isn't VREFBUF enable available in CubeMX for the STM32L432 series? I believe the reference manual says this series has control over the VREFBUF. It also seems there's no struct for VREFBUF control in the stm32l432xx.h file.

PCarn.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Java error when enabling X-CUBE-FREERTOS on STM32U5

6.11.1 with STM32U575RITxwhen I click "CMSIS RTOS2" to enable the installed middleware X-CUBE-FREERTOS, mouse shows a busy icon and the FreeRTOS configuration in the bottom panel never opens. STM32CubeIDE can open the IOC file and the FreeRTOS config...

USBPD PDO Sink tab missing

Hi,I just watched this video here: How to build an USBPD Sink application using the X-Cube-TCPP software pack - YouTube which explains how to build up a project with TCPP package for CubeMX.I use the newest CubeMX 6.11.1 but it looks different than i...

AWack by Associate III
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STm32H563 RS485 DE-Configuration in CubeIDE

Hello,in CubeIDE (MX) RS485-direction switching is only selectable for UART4 and UART5 (by hardware, not by SW-GPIO). According to user manual, it should be possible for all UARTs/USARTs (Pin DE/RTS). Is this feature missing in CubeIDE or is this har...

pit0815 by Associate
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ADC Initialization Function Generated From IOC

STM32CubeIDE 1.15.1, Windows, STM32H563 MCU When MX_ADC2_Init() generated by saving IOC file I get the wrong sampling time and rank for Vddcore. The IOC file shows 640.5 cycles and rank 3 but MX_ADC2_Init() shows 2.5 cycles and rank 1:   /** * @bri...

mccabehm by Associate III
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