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STM32CubeMX 6.12.0 released

We are pleased to announce you that the official release of STM32CubeMX V6.12.0 is available. What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.12.0?New MCUs/MPUs series : STM32WB0 ,STM32MP25XX and STM32C071XXAdd support new CPNs STM32G4: Add support STM32G4 'Z’ and STM...

CubeMX package migration causes main.c file deletion

I created and developed a project for more than 4 years, and changes in the project have always forced us to migrate to newer versions of CubeMX and also newer software packages. The project is for an STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller. The last stable ve...

APari.2 by Associate
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NUCLEO-L073RZ I2C 주파수 문�?�

안녕하세요, ​NUCLEO L073RZ를 사용하고 있습니다. 해당 보드로 I2C 통신�?� 진행하려고 합니다.다만, 사용하는 슬레�?�브 센서가 130HZ입니다. CUBE MX�?서는 최소 단위가 1kHZ 입니다. 해당 보드로는 130Hz�?� 주파수로는 통신�?� 불가능 할까요? 문�?�드립니다. ​

Damdori by Associate II
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Resolved! Possible problems in Cube MX Version 6.5.0 for STM32H742

Dear all,I am using Cube MX to generate a template code for my new project. In Advanced Settings page under project manager tab, Init sub-routines order is not correct and I also cannot fix it. DMA is used in ADC1 and it should initialize before than...

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TA1 by Associate III
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(Cube)MX configurator compatible with Discovery SMT32H735G-DK? (Partly Disabled IO conflicts, Examples contain no .IOC, lwIP & RTOS creates code not compiling).

I am trying to do UDP on Discovery STM32H735G-DK.1)     MX Pinout configuration tool seems not compatible with the examples: if I open the example LwIP_UDP_Echo_Server in the configurator, LwIP remains disabled in the MX pin configurator.Q1: Is there...

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Johi by Senior III
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STM32CubeMX 6.6.0 released

What is new in STM32CubeMX V6.6.0? • Added the support for the new STM32MP131, STM32MP133, and STM32MP135 microprocessors: STM32MP131(A-C-D-F)AEx, STM32MP131(A-C-D-F)AFx, STM32MP131(A-C-D-F)AGx, STM32MP133(A-C-D-F)AEx, STM32MP133(A-C-D-F)AFx, STM32MP...

Resolved! Found 2 bugs with DMA for Input Capture and Sigma Delta ADC

Hi!I just want to report that I have found two bugs. There is no errors with the HAL_DMA functions. I assume there is some errors with the predefined constants or enumerations.IntroductionI'm using STM32CubeIDE 1.7.0 with STM32F373VBTx and firmware V...

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DMårt by Senior II
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Resolved! STM32G474 OPAMP configuration Bug

Are there any plans to repair the CubeMX system and to re-enable the configurations of STM32G4 firmware version 1.2.0? I tried version 1.3.0 and 1.4.0, and both don't allow to configure an OPAMP as follows: hopamp5.Instance = OPAMP5; hopamp5.Init.Pow...

Scotty55 by Associate II
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