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Hi,Is it possible to get/study the source code of NetworkRuntime810_CM4_gcc.a? This library is added when X-CUBE-AI is used in CubeMX. I'd like to debug 'ai_platform_network_create' routine. 
Hi,I've successfully generated a project with X-CUBE-AI. I searched for some examples on the internet and I've found that MX_X_CUBE_AI_Init is missing from my project. Why this function call is missing? I've the latest CubeMX. 
1. Delete existing Network in X-CUBE-AI section2. Add a new Network (I tried with .tflite), click on Analyze3. Generate the code, open CubeIDE 
Hi,Latest CubeMX.Steps to reproduce RCC config error1. Board:STM32H747I-DISCO2. Click on X-CUBE-AI, select Cortex-CM7, select Install for X-CUBE-AI/Core, press OK3. Project manager: set project name, toolchain: CubeIDE, generate the code4. Click agai...
Hi,I have a STM32H747I-DISCO board and I'd like to HW debug a simple CubeMX project. I have CubeMX, CubeIDE all with the latest version. I've generated the code. After the code generation I have two subproject  CM4 and CM7. I can Build both of them. ...
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