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Running as an administrator to update CubeMX

To the people that take care of developing the MacOS version of CubeMX; for the vast majority of users, running as an administrator is not a thing. Keep that in mind when you are putting together the dialogs under "CHECK FOR UPDATES". If administrator rights are needed, ask for them.

On a Mac, to get admin rights when you run an application, you have to fire up a command line, cd inside of the application bundle, then sudo run the application. Is that the experience that you were expecting your customers to have? (hint, the answer here is no)

Perhaps a better option would be to bring up a dialog to get the admin group user id and password, just like every other application on MacOS.

(and for the Community admins, I cannot choose STM32CubeMX as a label on this post)

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for windows the administrator thing is not a big thing, but still annoying. 

a user local install option/default would be great also for windows and also linux.

a user local install option/default surely has not the "benefit" of some system wide path settings. when working with different projects that have been created with different verions of cubeide/cubemx i see an advantage in not having system wide paths to one install but in being able to have serval tool installations in different versions that are configurable separately.



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Hello @Andrei Chichak,

Thanks for being part of the ST Community. I just wanted to confirm that your question now includes the label "STM32CubeMX".