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SAI Clock configuration issue: PDM interface

Associate III

Hello, I am using st CUBE to configure my board to read a single digital mems microphone. From reading RM0433 Table 429  and also AN5027 figure 52 I try to set the clk to SAI1 to be 2.048 but i get an issue that its not possible and can only be set to 3.2 MHz. the table says it must be a multiple of the values there but I cant set it to that. Also after just moving on with the configuration I cant see the clk signal on the oscilloscope. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Screenshot (24).pngScreenshot (23).png

Ghofrane GSOURI
ST Employee

Hello @greenthumb 

First let me thank you for posting.

CubeMX 6.11.1 enabled me to set the CLK to SAI1 to 2.048.

Please have a look .


Could you please provide your IOC for further investigation.

I will be waiting for your feedback.