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STWIN Trigger reset button via USB or Firmware

Hi!I have a STEVAL-STWINKT1B sensor running the HSDatalog firmware. I am interfacing with it using an USB cable via linux and a modified version of the "cli_example" relying on the "HSDatalog.h" interface, which I am compiling using cmake. When runni...

MKlan.1 by Associate
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i3g4250d - Getting same XYZAngRate value on every read

Hi,I have a i3g4250d sensor chip on our custom board with STM32G474 MCU.I have used the below driver STMicroelectronics stm32-i3g4250dfor reading the sensor chip registers through SPI interfaceI am able to read "WHO_AM_I_ADDR" register wi...

PKupp.1 by Associate
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Resolved! LSP22HB having trouble with ONE-SHOT mode

I am using the LSP22HB on an I2C bus. I can read the "who am i" register and get the expected value. I can also read various configuration registers and see the default values. So, I believe I am communicating with the device.I don't set any register...

chriskot by Associate II
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Resolved! why IIS3DWB timestamp values are zero ?

I have timestamp counter enabled and batching to FIFO with decimation=1. I can see the timestamp values are interleaved with the accelerometer values, but the timestamp values are always 0 like this (this is SPI trace):22 00 00 00 00 00 0A12 32 F7 2F...

mete by Senior
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Resolved! LIS3DH Single/Double Tap Detection Current Consumption

Hi,We notice that LIS3DH accelerometer has multiple mode which can be utilized to be used on low power mode for single/double tap detection. Does single/double tap detection increase the current consumption stated on the data sheet/design tip?https:/...

Dillah by Associate II
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Resolved! LSM303AGR gives weird values output of the accelerometer

Hi,I am using examples from the github repo to test accelerometer. I can read device id from both accel and magnetometer. Also I can read back the registers I set.  However, when it comes to read accelerometer, I read same values from all axis of the...

Resolved! LIS2DE12 mangles REG1 register

I'm attempting to use the LIS2DE12 in perhaps the simplest configuration: To directly poll the X,Y,Z registers as needed. I'm using the I2C bus. At this point, I've added some debug checks, so the current process looks like this: 1. On wakeup, I read...