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lsm6dso remove g from acceleration

I would like to eliminate the influence of the gravitational field g from the measurement of accelerationI tried with a high pass filter. Is this the only solution?The problem is that the sensor evolves in space with orientations that vary over time....

chan by Associate
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Hi,I readed the default value of the identification register in H3LIS331DL by SPI mode and it responded with 0x32h as per the data sheet,but while reading the STATUS REG default value it responded with 0xFFh instead of 0x00h. How it's possible one re...

Gokulraj by Associate II
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Resolved! (SOLVED) SPI communication problem with sensors

I'm using STEVAL-STWINKT1 (MCU STM32L4R9ZIJ6) and I'm trying to communicate with the motion sensors (ISM330DHCX, IIS3DWB, IIS2DH) by SPI3 interface (polling). I wrote a code very similar to that one present in the "Serial_DataLog" project, using HALs...

irene by Associate II
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Resolved! How to display the float value in Cube IDE .

 I am using Sprintf, but I cant see the number in UART LPS22HH_pressure=LPS22HH_GetPressure();   sprintf(result,"%4.2f", LPS22HH_pressure); // @suppress("Float formatting support")I have also tried %g

Resolved! Weird CubeIDE behavior when trying to use MEMS library

Hello!This is what I have done yet:I started by launching STM32CubeMX and creating a new project for my specific STM32 Nucleo board.Once the project was created, I moved to the Pinout & Configuration tab. There, I enabled the I2C1 peripheral. I then ...

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DLid.1 by Associate II
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How to change a network called in FP-AI-CTXAWARE1 package?

Hello, I recently bought the STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 card ( I would like to perform emotion recognition from speech through a convolutional network of my own creation. I downloaded the FP-AI-CTXAWARE1 package and opened the project on STM32 ...

FRana by Associate
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