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STHS34PF80 T_OBJECT interpretation

Hello,First time posting in this forum!I'm evaluting the STHS34PF80 sensor and went through these materials: Datasheet & AN5867.However, I could not find any information regarding the interpretation of the object temperature (after calculating the si...

tuanh by Associate
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LIS2MDL appears to output inconsistent values

Hi all, We have integrated an LIS2MDL magnetometer into our custom PCB. We have recently been running some tests on the boards, and are collection raw data from the sensor via the I2C line. In our testing, we have found that different boards appear t...

jspear by Associate
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STWIN Trigger USR button via Firmware

Hi, im using the FP-SNS-DATALOG1 firmware for measuring sensor data and another custom firmware for other ML tasks. Furthermore, i am implementing a bootloader to switch between both softwares. I want to measure automaticaly and in order to do so i n...

TomRett by Associate III
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[IIS3DWB] Sampling rate set to 2K band.

Hi,I want to set the raw data to around 2k bandwidth and receive all data through FIFO.From what I understand, to set it to 2k bandwidth-Bandwidth ODR/4 = 2.6kHz, HPCF_XL = 0, LPF2_XL_EN =1-FIFO_CTRL3 BDR_XL = 0b1010 ( 26667Hz ) And at this time, if ...

HKim.23 by Associate III
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