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Resolved! Behaviour change when powering with external power source

Hi everyone,I am using a STWINKT1B and I am trying to evaluate its power consumption while operating. The Wifi communication always works well when I power the board by the battery or the USB port but never when I plug it to my voltage source (5V on ...

chhhhak by Associate II
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Getting correct register value when reading "WHO_AM_I" register on LPS25HB mems sensor but the wrong values read from the sensor. (STM32G474RE)

I have a board developed by one of my colleague, that uses a STM32G474RE microcontroller and in his SPI1 I had both an LPS25HB (Mems ST barometer) and too an acelerometer SCA3300. For the LPS25HB I'm using the following driver:


Resolved! i am using lsm6dsm (@steval-mki189v evaluation board) for OIS application, data sheets says, auxiliary spi can be used for the purpose, also through the primary spi we can read the data parallely, like connecting host processor and camera module in mode 3

but i am not able to read the data in slave module, how to connect this with the host and camera module processor and read the data, is there any settings have to be mentioned.? if any one information about this it will be helpful.

BGGopal by Associate II
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ASM330LHHX stops transmitting after some time.

I am using Nucleo F767ZI with SPI interface to ASM330LHHX sensor. I am using example code from a couple of second...

MAnto.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! SPI mode on the steval-mki227ka

On the website, in the databrief it is not stated how to connect the jumpers on the steval-mki227ka, I would like to know how to enable SPI mode 1 on the evaluation kit for testing.The problem that I'm getting is that even reading the who am I addres...

KRudo.1 by Associate
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I am attempting to use the LIS3DH in SPI mode The data coming back is always the same regardless of orientation of the device I have tired 2 devices and they are both behaving the same

I am bit-banging since my CPU doesn't have native SPI compatible with the LIS3DH.To initialize the chip, I write:0x57 to Control Register 1 (DATARATE_100HZ, XYZEN) {see pic CR1Write.jpg}0x80 to Control Register 4 (BLOCKDATAUPDATE, SCALE_2G) { see pic...

Jprab.1 by Associate
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