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Resolved! LSM303AGR self test always fails

Posted on March 29, 2018 at 23:41Hello, I'm using an LSM303AGR thru I2C, and after a little struggling, everythings looks fine. I can read any of the 6 axes with what seems to be the right values, and the read values react correctly when I tild my b...

LIS2DH self test & interrupt

Posted on February 06, 2018 at 09:55Hi,I am looking to test if the interrupt 1 and 2 are working correctly on a LIS2DH.Is it possible to trigger interrupts with the self test functon ?Thank you for the help#lis2dh #self-test #interrput

LIS2DH: Minimum delay between commands during Self-test

Posted on March 28, 2017 at 17:08Hi,is it possible to know the minimum delay required to wait between register writing during the self-test?I write down my code, to make myself more clearwhile(1) { BYTE xH = 0; BYTE yH = 0; BYTE zH = 0; //HPF disab...

Self-test for IIS2DH Accelerometer Always Failing

Posted on November 30, 2017 at 18:09AxisMeasurement values (mg)Self-Test Values (LSb)xyzxyzZ-46.920-1047.8853204-31.2893.841000.96715185Y78.2969.38-218.921418741-46.92-969.68203.32818343X938.4125.1249.621812324-985.32-172.0493.841904311Above are the...

Resolved! LSM6DS33 self test

Posted on October 07, 2017 at 20:45Hello,I am using a Pololu Minimu9 v5. I successfully did a self test of the LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer and now I am trying to self test the LSM6DS33 with the procedure mentioned in the application note. My test ap...

LSM9Ds1 Self-test

Posted on January 12, 2016 at 13:15How may i know about self-test, what is the procedure after enable self-test for each one, and what kind of data will there that i have to use for further analysis, and how. #self-test

bhavesh by Associate II
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lsm9ds1 self test

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 12:56Hello, I want to do a self test to lsm9ds1.Is there any file that explain how to do it?I found some sources  but nothing official.If there is not official file, i have some questions:Is the sensor can't be in motion a...

LIS3MDL selftest and calibration

Posted on June 16, 2016 at 13:24Hi,the self test procedure described in AN4602 starts automatically by setting bit 0 to '1' in CTRL_REG1 register, but it is not well explained how to check if the self test passes or fails.If the self test passes, th...

marziano by Associate
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