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LSM6DSO No response on MISO line.

I am trying to read the "Who am I" register of a LSM6DSO. I get no response on the MISO line. I suspect I am not configuring the IMU correctly. I am using a Nucleo-L031K6 connected to a MKI196V1. I attached the code. Am I missing something in the con...

DJack.8 by Associate II
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Resolved! Validation of X-CUBE MEMS1 Fusion data

Hi,we are using LSM9DS1 IMU board with NUCLEO L053R8 eval board for our project, we are using X-CUBE MEMS1 Fusion, we've validated the Raw data, and we are getting the Fusion output, we need to validate it. Is there any procedure to find whether Fusi...

SG.9 by Associate II
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Hello, I have difficulties to get value of 0x68(IMU) and 0x3D(Magnetometer) from LSM9DS1 WHO_AM_I Reg 0x0F. I did on custom made board with STM32L083RZ and use I2C communication to LSM9DS1. I am using I2C3 PortC pin 0 and pin 1. The SDA&SCL are both ...

ABin .1 by Associate II
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VL53L1X does not boot.

I recently purchased VL53L1X ToF laser ranging sensor and for the last couple of weeks I am trying to make it work. Based on reference schematic from the datasheet I built the following setup:Using STM32L011 uCU, ULD API and LowLevel I2C libraries ...

0690X00000ArVMTQA3.jpg 0690X00000ArVPrQAN.png 0690X00000ArVQ6QAN.png 0690X00000ArVQLQA3.png
velizarw by Associate II
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Algobuilder with ArmCortex M0+ Nucleo

Hi!We are using AlgoBuilder with the NUCLEO-L476RG and it is working pretty nice. We wanted to try out our AlgoBuilder application on an Arm Cortex M0+ board to evaluate power consumption and behaviour. From what I saw from the documentation it seems...

DWind.1 by Associate III
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