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Resolved! Reading square wave signals

I am trying to read a square wave, or rather I am trying to detect when a square wave is falling using the Nucleo-F746ZG board. Using CMSIS v2, using STMCubeIDE 10.1The square wave comes from a flow sensor, and every time it goes from high to low an ...

SHelg.1 by Associate II
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An optimal input circuit for an optical sensor?

Here's what I have: opto-coupler simulates (very roughly) the TCST2103 optical sensor.My goal is to accurately measure the pulse frequency. The Q MOSFET's gate represents the MCU GPIO input. The 1M resistor represents t...

HTD by Senior III
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Strange behavior with call to HAL_GPIO_ReadPin()

I am seeing some strange happenings using X-CUBE-MEMS software pack, which generates some code for user buttons, LED outputs, etc.I noticed the user button was always returning GPIO_PIN_SET even when it should be returning GPIO_PIN_RESETI make a call...

VL53L1X Timing Issue

Posted on May 07, 2018 at 17:27I'm developing an applications where an array of VL53L1X sensors would be used. During that development effort it became apparent that there were some timing issues while cycling through the sensors and when I expected...

LSM303AGR reading weird values

Posted on March 09, 2018 at 00:18Hey! I am using the accelerometer LSM303AGR to read some acceleration values on external interrupt. If the threshold is overcome, and interrupt will be triggered and in the ISR, I am reading the FIFO of the accelerom...