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How do I write & save data to a 24c02 using a buspirate?

I have wired up the Bus Pirate in this manner.When I try to write data this is what I see:HiZ>m 1. HiZ 2. 1-WIRE 3. UART 4. I2C 5. SPI 6. 2WIRE 7. 3WIRE 8. LCD 9. DIO x. exit(without change)   (1)>4 Set speed: 1. ~5KHz 2. ~50KHz 3. ~100KHz 4. ~40...

0693W000003PfS8QAK.jpg 0693W000003PfdQQAS.jpg
TBodi.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Programming an M24C02 with ST-Link/V2

I have bunch of M24C02 eeproms in some old equipment that I would like to reprogram. I have an ST-Link/V2 installed on an laptop running Windows 10. It has the STM32 STLink driver installed. I also have installed ST Visual Develop. Using this set of...

TBodi.1 by Associate
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M95320 Device Information Page not returning

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 11:54 Hi, I am using the M95320 EEPROM and sending RDID instruction to read the Device Identification page however the device is responding with 0xFF for all 32 bytes on the MISO line. The 2 byte address I am sending is...

dman by Associate II
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