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Resolved! STM32G474RE Internal temperature sensor returning very low value

HiI am trying to make work the internal temperature sensor from a STM32G474RE and it seems to return a low value... 11.14 celsius degrees.This is the code I am using:#define TS_CAL1_ADDR ((uint16_t*) ((uint32_t)0x1FFF75A8)) #define TS_CAL2_ADDR ((uin...

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RPG by Senior
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Resolved! Is it possible to measure sound intensity level from PCM samples?

I am using two PDM microphones(mems transducer) with STM32 to measure the intensity and if the intensity of the left microphone is higher than the right one then an LED should turn on and vice versa.We measure the intensity of analog signals like whe...

Viki by Associate II
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ADC + DMA for Analog Microphone. I am using Sensortile.BOx STEVAL - MKSBOX1V1 Kit. 1. Is sampling rate for Calculation is correct 2. I have configured DMA + ADC - Kindly confirm whether configuration is ok. 3. How to read DMA Data and send to UART

ADC Sampling rate :-Total Conversion Time (Tconv) = Samplingtime + 12 (This 12 is for 12-bit resolution of ADC). If I set 12.5 Cycles in MX based on the settings of the controller STM32L9RI My ADCCLK Cycle will be =24.5 . Please confirm whether 12 to...

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Resolved! STM32F103xC and LM35 wrong readings

Hey, I'm trying to get some temperature readings from LM35 sensor and I'm using "blue pill" for this little project and of course ADC. The problem is that I am getting wrong readings, approximately half of the real value. I know that the sensor is go...

DSimp.1 by Associate III
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Temperature Compensation LSM303C

Dear Sir / Madam,For our application there is a temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees celcius. However, over the complete range of temperature I would like the system to be within 0.1 degrees accurate. Due to the temperature drift in the sensor, th...

RLens by Associate II
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STLM20W87F Output Values Do Not Change

Posted on June 08, 2017 at 04:31Hello:I am using the STLM20W87F temperature sensor in an application, basically, on a PCB to measure ambient temperature.Referring to page 10 of the datasheet, I have the sensor connected with a filter of 1000p / 10K....

LSM6DS3 Accel/Gyro ADC Resolution?

Posted on March 29, 2016 at 08:06Interested in purchasing the LSM6DS3 device. Studied the datasheet carefully, and there is no information on ADC resolution for the accelerometer and gyro. This is odd considering this is a key spec for any prospecti...