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Resolved! Reading .dat file

I am using the STEVAL-STWINKT1B evaluation board to gather microphone data with a 192kHz sampling rate. The data is saved in a .dat file which i want to read and process. However, when reading the IMP23ABSU_MIC.dat file i get completely different res...

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TomRett by Associate III
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Resolved! How can i write and read on SD using FREERTOS e FATFS?

Hello,I am using STEVAL-STWINKT1B development board and I can write and read sd card using setting to SD 4 bits Wide Bus and FATFS.If I add on STM32CUBEMX as middleware FREERTOS I can't read the SD in fact I get back FR_NOT_READY when I execute the f...

JTLGE by Associate II
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Hello ST Experts , I have a stm32f745 ,which creates a single file and writes a string array in SD card using FATFS, but now I want to create multiple files which appends the PDM2PCM middleware converted PCM buffer values. from the 3 MEMS acquired?

Certain things which are unclear are :1) When I increase the size of the PDM buffer and PCM buffer say to 2000 ,4096 to collect more samples for storing to convert them into a larger file into.wav or mp3 , I find no creation of the file in SD card .T...

SG.4 by Associate II
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I generate the code for FATFS. But functions in user_diskio.c not populated. for exampleDRESULT USER_write ( BYTE pdrv, /* Physical drive nmuber to identify the drive */ const BYTE *buff, /* Data to be written */ DWORD sector, /* ...