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Official library for LIS3DH with FIFO DMA transfer

HI, I am trying to develop a application with a accelerometer over 5kHz.I have some samples of LIS3DH. Does exits any repository of mem senc?I search in cubemx but is not there.I can write the library from datasheet but it is a lot of time and it wil...

tcg by Associate III
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Resolved! HAL_I2S_Receive gives incorrect data

Hi!I'm trying to get an SPH0645 microphone to send sound data to my STM32F411 with HAL_I2S_Receive(), but the data I receive is not correct. According to the data sheet, the microphone gives 24 bits data on a 32 bit frame, with 24 bits containing dat...

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Chasar by Associate
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Resolved! MP34DT05-A PDM: increase SAI clock frequency

Hello everyone,I have an application that eventually record some audios and is working fine with a pair of MP34DT01. It works over SAI with a clock of 1.024MHz and a decimation factor of 64 (for the PDM2PCM), leading to an audio frequency of 16kHz.Th...

TVare.1 by Associate III
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STM32 Hal Uart RX randomly Freezes using DMA

Hey guys we are using the HAL Uart at 9600 Baud between our Bluetooth Board and Motion Sensor. We are using the DMA in non circular Buffer mode and then we have an actual Circular Buffer the Data goes into after the DMA. We are noticing randomly the ...

KDham.1 by Associate II
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LSM6DSO bulk read

Hi,I've configured the LSM6DSO with an NRF52. The NRF52 is able to use DMA and to trigger the SPI clock for bulk read in background without incorporating the CPU. But as far as I can see in the datasheet and the example drivers the LSM is not capable...

CWies.1 by Associate II
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ADC + DMA for Analog Microphone. I am using Sensortile.BOx STEVAL - MKSBOX1V1 Kit. 1. Is sampling rate for Calculation is correct 2. I have configured DMA + ADC - Kindly confirm whether configuration is ok. 3. How to read DMA Data and send to UART

ADC Sampling rate :-Total Conversion Time (Tconv) = Samplingtime + 12 (This 12 is for 12-bit resolution of ADC). If I set 12.5 Cycles in MX based on the settings of the controller STM32L9RI My ADCCLK Cycle will be =24.5 . Please confirm whether 12 to...

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