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LSM6DSO just one interrupt at high frequency

Hi,I am using a LSM6DSO and ESP32 to read it.I am handling the FIFO FULL interrupt by adding a new task to a queue in order to print a message and in the main loop I am reading the buffer of the sensor.It is working perfectly at 833Hz, but if I set i...

IIS2DH INT1 activation for 6D/4D recognition

Hello dear ST community,How can I get activated INT1 for 6D/4D recognition in IIS2DH?I looked in the datasheet for some information but I couldn't find anything.In these design tips for LIS2DW12/LIS2DH12 the 6D interruption is routed in register CTRL...

How to configure an LSM6DSO to detect device motion?

Hi,I want to configure the LSM6DSO to trigger an interrupt on INT2 when the device starts and stops moving. I used the following configuration, but I can only detect taps on the vertical axis: // LSM6DSO datasheet pg 74 // (00: stationary/motion-onl...

Myzhar by Associate III
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Resolved! ‎LSM6DSLTR‎ Threshold event

Hi! I’m using the ‎LSM6DSLTR‎, and really just need to trigger an interrupt whenever the device rotates at a speed greater or equal to a given threshold. Do I need to set up any FIFO data, or is there a way to only generate an interrupt based on a ro...

BMitchen by Associate
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When can I write to INT1_CFG in the LIS3DH?

I am using the LIS3DH MEMS motion sensor. To generate interrupts when motion exceeds a threshold, I need to set certain flags in the INT1_CFG register (address 0x30). The manual says: Write operation at this address is possible only after system boot...

JHeer.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Is there any way to detect significant motion with lsm6dso sensor without using step counter. Since I use it on cars, it can not detect location changes.

lsm6dso sensor generates significant motion interrupt when a change in user location is detected. It generates an interrupt when the difference between the number of steps counted from its initialization/reset is higher than 10 steps. So it uses step...

Iakgu.1 by Associate III
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