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Resolved! HAL_I2S_Receive gives incorrect data

Hi!I'm trying to get an SPH0645 microphone to send sound data to my STM32F411 with HAL_I2S_Receive(), but the data I receive is not correct. According to the data sheet, the microphone gives 24 bits data on a 32 bit frame, with 24 bits containing dat...

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Chasar by Associate
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Help in the configuration of pins for 2 microphones

Please help me. I am trying to configure pins for reading the data coming from 2 microphones mount in a X-NUCLEO-CCA02M2. To read the data I am using a NUCLEO-F401RE. I read all the documentation for tthe expansion but nothing is working. In this mom...

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ATeli.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! I2S or SPI for audio data acquisition?

I am using a STM32-NUCLEO-F401RE and expansion board x-NUCLEO-CCA02M1. I am not using the library provide by STM. I trying to understand which serial communication protocol is better for this type of application and why it is better.Can someone help ...

ATeli.1 by Associate II
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Random glitch on I2S recordings

Hello,I'm using an STM32 M4 for recording short audio signals through the I2S interface and I write the PCM to an SD card. To check that everything is fine I have recorded pure tones (1kHz or 2kHz). By doing that I noticed in some recordings (not all...

frnt by Senior
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Linux Driver for MP23DB01HP PDM Digital Microphone

I'm looking for instructions on interfacing MP23DB01HP Microphone to Cortex-A7 on STM32MP157 through I2S bus.The application note AN5027 is a good starting point but does not mention how to integrate with Linux on Cortex-A7.I've modified the devcie t...

farid by Associate II
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PDM2PCM example code

Hello,I am trying to understand the PDM2PCM conversion using I2S as the receiving protocol. Does anyone have an easy example for generating a single PCM sample from the PDM data bits? I am having some difficulty doing this using the VM3000 PDM MEMS...

kcire L. by Associate III
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