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STM32F407G-disc1 accelerometer wrong readings

I have a STM32F407G-disc1 board and i have been trying to get readings from its onboard accelerometer LIS3DSH using bsp library of Stm32F4 Discovery. The initialization went fine but the accel readings didnt make any sense. Here's some of my code:   ...

Resolved! Very noisy signal from IMP34DT05 recorded with STM32-F401RE

Hello,I'm using the IMP34DT05 available with the STEVAL-MIC003V1 kit to record audio the nucleo-f401re. I'm using the PDM2PCM library to convert the PDM stream to PCM data. The audio is recorded at 8kHz.I have tried reproducing 1kHz tone on the micro...

frnt by Senior
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My Gyro TL3GD20 is not working.

Hello,I am using the TL3GD20 gyro in the stm32F429 discovery board to develop my own driver. The output registers are fixed and they do not move, always at:I respect the 10 ms second before powering up.I activate the x y and z axis and set the PD reg...

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Resolved! Bit endianness is an issue in bitfields?

Dear ST hello,I have a question about the bit field,I am using the stm32F429 discovery board, and I am working on the gyroscope Mems.if I declare a union like this:typedef volatile union { uint8_t All; struct { uint8_t Yen:1; /*X axis enable*/ ...

Resolved! HAL_I2S_Receive gives incorrect data

Hi!I'm trying to get an SPH0645 microphone to send sound data to my STM32F411 with HAL_I2S_Receive(), but the data I receive is not correct. According to the data sheet, the microphone gives 24 bits data on a 32 bit frame, with 24 bits containing dat...

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Chasar by Associate
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STM32F4 i2c vs LSM303DLHC i2c

Trying to match STM32F4 with LSM303DLHC and I cannot find for i2c addressing mode of type: Master: | ST | SAD + W | SAK | SUB | SAK | SR | SAD + R | SAK | ... any match in the STN32F4 7 or 10 bit addressing modes. I suppose using all those bits it is...

ACht.1 by Associate
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