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Official library for LIS3DH with FIFO DMA transfer

HI, I am trying to develop a application with a accelerometer over 5kHz.I have some samples of LIS3DH. Does exits any repository of mem senc?I search in cubemx but is not there.I can write the library from datasheet but it is a lot of time and it wil...

tcg by Associate III
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STM32F4 i2c vs LSM303DLHC i2c

Trying to match STM32F4 with LSM303DLHC and I cannot find for i2c addressing mode of type: Master: | ST | SAD + W | SAK | SUB | SAK | SR | SAD + R | SAK | ... any match in the STN32F4 7 or 10 bit addressing modes. I suppose using all those bits it is...

ACht.1 by Associate
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ASM330LHH didn't work in I2C with BLUENRG-LP

Here I used BLUENRG-LP SoC with ​ASM330LHH. We have the same schematic design in steval-IBD11V2A, like the first image. The second one is our schematic design.My I2C configuration init function is like:/** * @brief Configures the I2C interface use...

0693W00000WL0FuQAL.png 0693W00000WL0GTQA1.png
EPeng.1 by Associate
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