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I2C communication failure while reading data from VL53l0x

Hello,I am currently working with STM32wl55jc. My application invlolves few I2C sensors.The application also invlolves VL53l0x. These sensors have been mounted on a single PCB.I have tried explaining the problem below.1. I am currently reading the se...

Snatu by Associate II
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I am currently working on an analog vibration sensor I have to recover 5 harmonics with my Stm32wle5jc I would like to know how to do a simple fft without DMA at first then with? because I am a beginner in the field

I tried to integrate an example of fft on my existing code and I have a problem "undefined reference to `arm_cfft_radix4_f32'" knowing that I just put the file arm_math.h and after I also tried to put the library DSP and lib arm_cortexM4lf_math.lib a...