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I am working on using an STM32L4 as a SMBus host to communicate to a battery monitor IC with many different registers. Using cubeMX and HAL to generate my code, I am having trouble understanding the functions and variables. Help!

From what I understand, the slave device I want to communicate with has many addressed registers than I need to specify in addition to the slave device's address. If the slave device's address is 0x16, and the registers I need to read on that device ...

JLand.8 by Associate
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Printf debug issue - X-CUBE-BLE1&X-CUBE-MEMS1 packages

Hi, I am following the guide "Getting started with the STMicroelectronics X-CUBE-BLE1 software package for STM32CubeMX" and recreate the example named "SensorDemo" just to know how to work with this library in CubeMX.I am using a Nucleo-L4R5ZI and th...

Compiling on Atollic, or anything other than IAR ?!?

Posted on January 26, 2012 at 23:23I can't get DFU or iNemo firmware code to compile with Atollic.The code seems to be a mess with changes to the standard libraries, etc..  Please create a project file for Atollic, or tune up the code so it will com...

jake by Associate II
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