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Using LIV3F with F303RE - Configuratoin/Advise needed.

Hey Im trying to use LIV3F with F303RE board. I have trouble to configure the LIV3F. Can it be setup like LSM6DSO for example? Here is how I did this:Can the same method be applied to LIV3F? If so, what is ClearOREF, Receive_IT, Reset and Transmit_IT...

0693W00000LylAmQAJ.png 0693W00000LylC8QAJ.png 0693W00000LylChQAJ.png
AWall.4 by Associate
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Hello everyone! I try to read gyro raw data from l3gd20 embedded the the stm32f3discovery board. However, the data is quite wierd, they don't approach to 0 at all. Can anyone tell me what is the problem?

HAL_Delay(300);BSP_GYRO_GetXYZ(gyro_xyz);Using BSP library ( as below:D: gyro_xyz[0] gyro_xyz[2] gyro_xyz[1]D: time(ms) (0x200000a8,6) (0x200000b0,6) (0...

rtoto.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to read E-compass on STM32F3DISCOVERY board?

Hi, I'm evaluating on the STM32F3DISCOVERY board using STM32CubeIDE but I'm having trouble interfacing with the onboard E-compass. In the Device Configuration Tool, I've enabled I2C1, since the user manual states that the MCU controls the E-compass v...

RLee.2 by Associate II
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