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lsm6dsox embedded features

Is it possible to execute features such as pedometer, activity/inactivity detection, tilt/tap, with same configuration of ODR, Full scale? How can I include all these features in a single program?Can someone explain this please

Varsha by Associate III
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lsm6dso double tap

 whenever double tap is detected, I'm getting interrupts for both single tap as well as double tap. currently both are routed to int2 pins. I tried routing single tap to INT1 and the double tap to INT2 pin, to ensure single tap doesn't operate under ...

Varsha by Associate III
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Resolved! ASM330LHH imu sensor

hello,i have few basic Question regarding accelerometer sensor.1. accelerometer data coming from imu sensor that is 2's compliment data, so should i receive this data in signed integer or unsigned integer? 2. i want to know whatever raw data is comin...

LSM6DSL data retrieval

Hi,I am trying to get accelerometer and gyroscope readings from the LSM6DSL via a python script.Here is my code so far:def init(self):# activate gyro and accelself.write_reg(0x10,0b0110) #activate accelerometer (writing ODR_XL[3:0] in 0x10) at 416Hzs...

nmorgan by Associate
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iis2mdc magnetometer not writing timestamp

I am trying to get the raw data (with timestamp included) from a few IIO devices (hardware sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer) mounted on a linux platform and with the ST drivers. I was able to get the data for the ...

Ginkgo by Associate II
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lis2de12 landscape/portrait interrupt

I have this MEMS sensor on a custom board to detect landscape or portrait mode of my device.The problem is that it doesn't generate an interrupt.- 4D mode should be sufficient.- Range 2g- Tested different ODR settings. My current code is now:     voi...

WSpar.1 by Associate III
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While I’m using ASM330LHH the gyroscope’s data jump to unusual value just once sometimes . The data rate is 10hz 

Mal by Associate
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LSM6DS032 programming finite state machine

Hi all, I'm trying to move Finite State Machine config from devkit using Unico GUI to final application. I've prepared movement wakeup example from FSM datasheet in Unico, which is working totally fine on devkit, it could even detect knocking in desk...

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-05 113640.png
mpopko by Associate II
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