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Resolved! Powering LIS2DS12 sensor with 2.5 volts

by some mistake, we have a large batch of boards with LIS2DS12 sensor and STM32G030F6P6 mcu powered with 3.3 volts. but the maximum voltage for LIS2DS12 is 2.0 volts, and absolute minimum voltage for STM32G030F6P6 is 2.0 volts. so we tried to adjust ...

CZorg.1 by Associate II
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Any example on how to implement SDI-12 codes in STM32G081

Hi genius, I need help to implement SDI-12 in STM32G081. Im using STMcubeIDE. Before this, I have tested the SDI-12 sensor which is soil moisture sensor with arduino maker nano and it works. Its not a big deals since the example is provided. I tried...

Dprom by Associate II
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Hello everyone! I am trying to read distance sensor data from an VL53L3 using a STM32G0. After implementing the API code for the conversion the programmed stopped working saying this: Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.

after the function below the CPU goes into interrupt (void HardFault_Handler(void)).Below we can see the sequence that leads to the interrupt.Can you help me ?

0693W000005C8TyQAK.png 0693W000005C8XvQAK.png
Zschau by Associate II
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