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Hi guysI'm pretty new to the ST world. Just got my hands on an STWINKT1B, hoping to dive into its ultrasonic sound detection features. I spent today tinkering with it, trying to wrap my head around how it all works.So, I've got STM32CubeProgrammer in...

IMP34DT05 returns only silence

Hi, I am reading from IMP34DT05 (master receive, PDM), and I always receive 0x00 0x7F 0xFF 0xFF ...and 0xFF's, ever after, until reset of SAI (disable-enable). Playing sound into mic has no effect. In debugger, immediately upon SAI enabled, FIFO is f...

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deno1 by Associate
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Resolved! IMP23ABSU hardware interface

Hello, I have as project to use the STWINKT1B board and write my custom code to read IMP23ABSU sensor at its maximum capacity (80kHz). I understand the sensor output data is amplified by an op-amp and can be read with ADC input of the microcontroller...

NCatt.1 by Associate III
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Digital MEMS Microphone Noise Floor

Hi,I'm using an MP23DB02MM digital mic on the CCA02M2 eval board and using the PDM2PCM library. When I have no sound into the microphone the noise floor I see in the data from the PDM2PCM output is around 1,000 counts peak to peak noise. I'm struggli...

JKing.3 by Associate II
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MEMS: We want your knowledge base suggestions!

Dear community members,We invite you to provide your suggestions for knowledge base articles in this thread. We strive to create articles that can assist or inspire you in the best possible way.Anything goes, the only condition is that it is related ...

High Frequency Noise From STWINMA2A

Hello everyone,I am currently working with STWIN+STWINMA2A microphone array for ultrasonic signal processing. I use the firmware "AMicArray_Microphones_Streaming" and connect the board directly to my laptop as an USB microphone.However, the data suff...

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I don't know how to use STEVAL-STWINMA2

I possese STEVAL-STWINMA2 with STEVAL-STWINKT1B for ultrasonic measurements. As a setup, we have attached STWINMA2 to STEVAL-STWINKT1B and installed a software "X-CUBE- MEMSMIC1". Then, we took measurements with using UltrasoundFFT.exe in the SW_exec...

D_Tomita by Associate
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