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Resolved! Reading square wave signals

I am trying to read a square wave, or rather I am trying to detect when a square wave is falling using the Nucleo-F746ZG board. Using CMSIS v2, using STMCubeIDE 10.1The square wave comes from a flow sensor, and every time it goes from high to low an ...

SHelg.1 by Associate II
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Inferencing with Microphone

I have stm32f746 discovery board. I need to get input by microphone, and give it to my tensorflow model. I could find neither a plain documentation nor a video. Can you please inform me how to work with microphone on STM32?Thx for your responses.

Hello ST Experts , I have a stm32f745 ,which creates a single file and writes a string array in SD card using FATFS, but now I want to create multiple files which appends the PDM2PCM middleware converted PCM buffer values. from the 3 MEMS acquired?

Certain things which are unclear are :1) When I increase the size of the PDM buffer and PCM buffer say to 2000 ,4096 to collect more samples for storing to convert them into a larger file into.wav or mp3 , I find no creation of the file in SD card .T...

SG.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! Hello ST Experts , I have a three VM3000 PDM mems interfaced to a STM32f745IETx controller , via I2S2, I2S1 lines and another in SAI2_SAIB block , how do I configure three such in programming while using PDM2PCM middleware , can anybody help me ?

The help will be greatly appreciated . I have to write this raw data extraction of PCM values in onto sdmmc sd card . And could anyone explain me how does the PDM2PCM functions for the mems than ST PDM microphones? I usually find examples of stm32 co...

SG.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! BMI055 interrupts problems

Hello,I am writing a code to initialize the BMI055 IMU on my STM32F765. To do so I am using the HAL libraries to enable the SPI connection through DMA and the drivers provided by Bosch: bma2x2 and bmg160.The two sensors work perfectly when only one o...

FUs.1 by Associate III
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