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Cannot I^2C to ST-nucleo-IKS01A3 in a normal I2C setting

Hi I recently bought a IKS01A3 and want to do research related to human activities. I already have a nucleo-wb55 with me so basically I just connect them via arduino uno V3 ports and willing to set up I2C communication between those two boards. I kno...

CWang.14 by Associate II
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STM32 Hal Uart RX randomly Freezes using DMA

Hey guys we are using the HAL Uart at 9600 Baud between our Bluetooth Board and Motion Sensor. We are using the DMA in non circular Buffer mode and then we have an actual Circular Buffer the Data goes into after the DMA. We are noticing randomly the ...

KDham.1 by Associate II
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Hello experts , I have a query on how to acquire a PCM audio 2000 to 4000 samples nearly from a PDM out conversion of a MEMS mic and display them on UART/USART for every 2 or 5 seconds? Can any expert help me with a coding part. Thanks in advance

MEMS mic -ICS43432+ STM32f4xx nucleo board.i have given a 168MHz HSE clock configuration and used a PDM2PCM middleware too with a 32KHz audio frequency with I2S in master receive mode. and DMA in SPI2_RX DMA1 Stream 3, in the STM32Cube MX.The oscillo...

SG.4 by Associate II
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Resolved! Hello ST Experts , I am new to STM32 development environment i had a query regarding how to interface MEMS microphone ics43432 with STM32F4xx nucleo 64 board , their clocking configurations in STM32cubeMX and the usage of PDM2PCM middleware.

The 1 bit PDM data output should be converted to a 16 bit PCM data format using this and what peripherals should be used in STM32cubeMX and the obtained PCM should be converted into .wav file and display it on UART/USARTWhat is the process could anyo...

SG.4 by Associate II
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