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PDM to PCM via DFSDM getting nothing but static

On the BL47E-IOT01A2 there are two mems microphones (MP34DT01) both connected to DFSDM1_DATIN2. I'm trying to extract the data from just one of those boards and convert it to PCM using a DFSDM filter. I've configured DFSDM Channel 2 to connect to PDM...

RBair.3 by Associate II
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Sinc Filter Order and value output of DFSDM

Hello dear ST-Forum,I'm currently working on DFSDM and MEMS-Microphone and am trying out the sinc filters. By changing the filter order e.g. from filter order 1 to filter order 3, the values increase dramatically. I have not found any proper calculat...

crackl1ng by Associate III
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Injected conversion mode with 8 MEMS and DFSDM

Hello,I want to realise a project with the STM32 Nucleo F767ZI Development Board where i need to sample audio data from 8 MEMS Microphones. Since the board only features 4 DFSDM filters but 8 input channels i need to multixplex them. What i already k...

TMaie.1 by Associate II
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