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Resolved! Decision Tree evaluation Parameters in LSM6DSV16x

Hello, I have a question regarding the evaluation parameters for decision tree results. As you can see in the picture below, the Mean Absolute Error and Root Mean Squared Error are high, but the accuracy is also high. I am confused because I thought ...

FKara.3 by Senior
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Resolved! sths34pf80 + lens

Hi!We are working on product that needs to count people on the range of 3-4 meters. We designed dev.board for sths34pf80 and tetsted it with UNICO-GUI. The max range that we are getting is around two meters and therefore it looks that we need to use ...

apallo by Associate
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STHS34PF80 T_OBJECT interpretation

Hello,First time posting in this forum!I'm evaluting the STHS34PF80 sensor and went through these materials: Datasheet & AN5867.However, I could not find any information regarding the interpretation of the object temperature (after calculating the si...

tuanh by Associate
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Thermal Dependence of LPS33HW

We are currently using the ST LPS33HW pressure sensor in an industrial IoT application. I am aware that this product is being phased out, and we have plans to replace it with a different offering from ST. However, right now, we have 100s of these in ...

iis2mdc magnetometer not writing timestamp

I am trying to get the raw data (with timestamp included) from a few IIO devices (hardware sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer) mounted on a linux platform and with the ST drivers. I was able to get the data for the ...

Ginkgo by Associate II
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Resolved! LPS28DFW vibration susceptibility

Hello,I am wondering if the presence of gel in the LPS28DFW makes it more susceptible to vibration than LPS22DF. These sensors will be in a vibration environment, and I'm concerned that the vibrating gel in the sensor will negatively affect the press...

VCu by Associate
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STHS34PF80 - cover glass

Hi,we are working on integrating this sensor to our device. We would like to make it work as human detection in front of our device. I am testing this sensor using "STEVAL-MKI231KA" board without lens connected to our development board via I2C and I ...

rfi by Associate
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Resolved! LSP22HB having trouble with ONE-SHOT mode

I am using the LSP22HB on an I2C bus. I can read the "who am i" register and get the expected value. I can also read various configuration registers and see the default values. So, I believe I am communicating with the device.I don't set any register...

chriskot by Associate II
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