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lsm6dsox embedded features

Is it possible to execute features such as pedometer, activity/inactivity detection, tilt/tap, with same configuration of ODR, Full scale? How can I include all these features in a single program?Can someone explain this please

Varsha by Associate III
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Can't connect the SensorTile with Raspberry pi

Hi,I want connect my SensorTile box with my Raspberry pi. For this, I use, but every time when i try to connect the devices then one of the given errors occur:guest@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo python3

Mems AR

Anybody know where I can get the data sheet for MEMS AR products and how can I purchase it?Thank you.

Resolved! ASM330LHH Frequency Measurement using the mother UNICO-GUI

Hi there,We are testing the ASM330LHH with the motherboard STEVAL-MKI193V1 and use Unico-GUI to collect data.  ODR was set to be 6667 Hz and easy configuration was used. The excitation was a 1kHz sin wave but the data saved using Unico-GUI showed a f...

Resolved! Unicleo-GUI not Detecting my NUCLEO-IKS01A3 Board

Hi all, I installed Unicleo-GUI on my Windows laptop, and was able to read sensor data from my NUCLEO-IKS01A3 board successfully. The board was automatically identified by the software as being connected to COM4 yesterday. For some reason today the s...

ULP mode LSM6DS032 configuration procedure

Hi all,Been trying to use the ULP mode on LSM6DS032 with following steps.1. Setting XL to Power down mode by setting XL_ODR bits to 0b0000  of CTRL1_XL register.2. Set I3C_DISABLE to 1 of  register CTRL9_XL. // Not sure if this is necessary3. Power d...


Resolved! STEVAL-MKI109V3 Doesn't Work and can't update

I just received the STEVAL-MKI109V3 kit and it appears to be useless so far.The Unico-GUI tool sees the main board but cannot see the sensor plugged into it. I measured the VDD_DUT and VDDDIO_DUT nets and there is no voltage. But maybe that is suppos...

kb9nate by Associate
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Ultra Low Power Mode for LSM6DS032 is not working.

Currently designing a  low power embedded system for monitoring application using IMU LSM6DS032, tried both low power/normal mode and the ultra low power mode setting on this IMU, but I could not find the significant difference in the power consumpti...