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Resolved! STHS34PF80 threshold set

Hello community,my sths34pf80 is connected with a wireless MCU through I2C in fast mode. during the initial process the function " sths34pf80_presence_threshold_set(&presenceHandle, 200); " is called, sometimes there is no problem, the sths34pf80 can...

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Trouble with Won't stay connected to Bluetooth. Firmware upgrade to V349 completed, but no example apps. Works once, after reflash, can run new app I created, but then stops. Ran upgrade procedure several times, same result. Suggestions?

I've successfully completed the "SensorTile.Box recover and firmware upgrade. A safe procedure" Everything worked by following the steps, and using STM32Cube Programmer, to flash the new firmware. The instructions specify <SensorTile.box_V3p4p4_BL>, ...

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ST BLE Sensor App - Android - Sensor fusion

Does the ST BLE Sensor provided on github has the rotating cube code?Do the inputs provided to the rotating cube is coming from the sensor-fusion running on the embedded device or on the App side?Can you please point the code and the source files whi...

darla14 by Senior
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Save to SD without connecting to the ST BLE Sensor

Hello, I am using my sensorTile STEVAL-STLKT0V1 with the firmware SENSING_V4. To collect the data, I connect my sensor via Bluetooth to the app and save the data to SD. Unfortunately, it happens to me that if I move the sensor too far away from my ph...

CRoma.11 by Associate II
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Where do I find the STSW-GPT001V1.bin file?

I am working with the NUCLEO-F401RE board with the ST link connection and I have connected the SWD cables to the STEVAL GPT001V1 energy harvesting watch dev kit. I am following the user manual and it says I have to use this .bin file but I cannot fi...

SZamm.1 by Associate II
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